Finding Your Path Study Kit

Finding Your Path Study Kit

 Our Finding Your Path Study Kit is a beginners guide to finding your path and learning what it means to be a Witch.

 To become a witch requires a great deal of study and learning, with experience gathered over the years. There is so much information on line with conflicting advice that it can be quite daunting and very confusing to the extent that many give up or come to a practicing witch like me for guidance. 

The 60 page study book included in the kit will help guide you as you start on your path, it will not tell you exactly what to do and when you should do it, as learning this is part of your journey, but what it will do is give you information to help you make informed choices along the way. As with all study, you will be required to put your time into learning and progressing, this is your path and only you can make the decisions required to fulfill your destiny.

The study is all done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, there are also no exams to sit!

The study book covers subjects such as Traditions, Covens, Altars, Circle Casting, Tool Preparations, Moon Magic, Correspondences, Cleansing and Consecration, Smudging, Herbs in Magic, Crystals in Magic, Spell Casting including writing your own spells and much more. 

The Study Kit comes with a few essential items to start you off so you can set up a basic altar and get started on your path, it contains a cast iron cauldron with Pentagram, a hand crafted Freya's Cauldron wand (each wand is hand made for each pack so is therefore a one of a kind piece), a black altar cloth with multi pentagram design, a wooden Freya's Cauldron altar tile,a hand tied Altar Broom, a hand crafted Freya's Cauldron wooden candle holder, a pack of candles, a engraved Freya's Cauldron glass chalice and a salt bowl. This is enough to get you started and other supplies can be purchased as you progress.

The kit can be sent to most places in the world and to make it easier to purchase, we have set up "Buy Now" buttons below for UK, Europe and Rest of the World. The prices stated include delivery. 

Please note that the Finding Your Path Study Kit are non refundable, (Ordering confirms that you agree to these terms), so please make sure you are actually in need of it. This is due to the fact that I limit the numbers of kits that are available.

Finding Your Path Study Kit ~ UK 

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Finding Your Path Study Kit ~ Europe

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Finding Your Path Study Kit ~ Rest of the World 

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